Waleed Aljandal

My Publications



1. Aljandal, W., Hsu, W. H., Bahirwani, V., Caragea, D., & Weninger, T.
(2008). "Validation-Based Normalization and Selection of Interestingness
Measures for Association Rules", In Proceedings of the 18th
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2. Bahirwani, V., Caragea, D., Aljandal, W. & Hsu, W. H. (2008).
Ontology Engineering and Feature Construction for Predicting Friendship
Links in the Live Journal Social Network. In: Proceedings of the Second
Workshop on Social Network Mining and Analysis, held in conjunction with
the Association for Computing Machinery International Conference on
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SNA-KDD 2008). Las Vegas, NV,
August 2008. ACM Digital Library.

3. Aljandal, W., Hsu, W. H., Bahirwani, V., & Caragea, D. (2009).
Ontology-Aware Classification and Association Rule Mining for Interest
and Link prediction in Social Networks. In Proceedings of the
Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Spring
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4. Bahirwani, V., Caragea, D, Aljandal, W. &Hsu, W. H. (2009).
Ontology-Aware Link Mining in Social Networks: A Feature Construction
Approach. Book chapter, to appear.

5. Aljandal, W., Hsu, W. H., & Xia, J. (2009). Predicting
Protein–Protein Interactions using Numerical Associational Features.
Submitted to the IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CIBCB). March, 2009,
Nashville, TN.

Under preparation

6. Aljandal, W., Caragea, D., Foster, R. L. Jr., Hsu, W. H., Xia, J.
(2009). Association Rule Learning-Based Link Mining Approaches to Gene
Regulatory Network Modeling. In preparation for Das, S., Welch, S. M.,
Caragea, D., & Hsu, W. H. (eds.), Computational Models of Gene
Regulatory Networks. Book chapter