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APOD - A lean piece of software that brings to your desktop a daily new inspiring astronomy picture with an explanation written by professional astronomers.

PHOTZIP - A lossy compression utility for FITS images.
More information about this software can be found in: Shamir, L., Nemiroff, R. J.; PHOTZIP: A Lossy FITS Image Compression Algorithm That Protects User-defined Levels of Photometric Integrity, The Astronomical Journal, Vol. 129(1), pp. 539-546, 2005
Electronic publication

WOLF - Software that processes the FITS files and generates the photometry files, annotated JPGs, opacity maps, background, transient detection and luminance changes detection. Used for processing the Night Sky Live data.
More information about this software can be found in:
1. Shamir, L., Nemiroff, R. J.; A Fuzzy Logic Based Algorithm For Finding Astronomical Objects in Wide-Angle Frames, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, Vol. 22(2), pp. 111-117, 2005
2. Shamir, L., A Fuzzy Logic-Based Algorithm for Cosmic Ray Hit Rejection from Single Images, Astronomical Notes (Astronomische Nachrichten), Vol. 326(6), pp. 428-431, 2005
3. Shamir, L., Nemiroff, R. J.; All-sky Relative Opacity Mapping Using Night Time Panoramic Images, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Vol. 117, No. 835, pp. 972-977, 2005
4. Shamir, L., Nemiroff, R. J., Torrey, D. O., Pereira, W. E.; Software Design for Panoramic Astronomical Pipeline Processing, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 366(2), pp. 353-357, 2006

WinMacro - A utility that can record sets of mouse and keyboard events and then play them from within a script or another Windows program. This allows controling external applications through their GUI, and can be usefull for situations in which an application needs to be activated automatically, but does not provide any other interface but its GUI.

Land Cover - A sample program that analyzes land cover features.

Stereo Matching in Noisy Sets of Color Images - A sample implementation of a stereo matching algorithm designed for nosiy sets of images.

AstroMatch - A Generic Field Matching Utility for Astronomical Images.

Faked Windows - An application that demonstrated a security concern in internet browsing using MS-Windows.
More information about this software can be found in:
Shamir, L.; A Security Concern in MS-Windows: Stealing User Information From Internet Browsers Using Faked Windows, Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2006

wndchrm - A multi-purpose image classifier. This command-line utility gets a root directory as a parameter and computes a large set (up to 2600) image features for each image in the class subdirectories. It can then split the images into training and test datasets and classifiy them. The code was tested on MacOS X and Linux. Use "configure" and "make" after untaring the files. Then type wndchrm for instructions.

Ganalyzer - A tool for automatic galaxy morphological image analysis.
More information about this software can be found in:
Shamir, L., Ganalyzer - A tool for morphological analysis of galaxy images, The Astrophysical Journal, vol. 736, no. 2, 141. IPO, 2011.

FLC - A tool for automatic detection of peculiar images in an image dataset.

CHLOE - A tool for automatic outlier detection in microscopy images.

UDAT - Data analysis software -- coming soon.

Questions regarding any of the listed software products should be directed to me by mail.