The El Dorado Animal Clinic

The El Dorado Animal Clinic has been in business since 1910. Our offices are located at 111 East Locust in El Dorado, Kansas. We can be reached by phone at (316)321-1050 24 hours a day (Emergency charges may apply if treatment is needed after regular office hours). If you are calling from a Wichita metro location during business hours we can be reached with a local call to 320-1050.

The current owner, Dr. Davy Harkins, has been working at the clinic since 1971. The El Dorado Animal Clinic cares for all types of animals.

Our surgical ward can handle such routine operations as spays and neuters, as well as more advanced bone-pins, minor cancer removal, and caesarean sections even emergency situations.

Our doctors still do farm calls and routinely work on exotic animal species. Cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs, to dogs, cats, ferrets, rats, snakes, birds, lions, and tigers (and bears, oh my). If your animal needs help our doctors will do their best to return the animal to a normal condition.
As you can see, we handle both large and small animal medicine. If we cannot accomplish a satisfying resolve then we will refer you to someone who can so that your animal can begin feeling well again.

Dr. Harkins has been working towards a specialization in animal dentistry. At present, he does general cleanings, as well as more advanced root-canals, fillings, pulpotomies, and cosmetic dentistry. Just another service to keep your pet looking and feeling good.

We offer grooming and boarding services, as well as routine check-ups and exams.
We carry a complete line of flea/tick products and can serve as your pets' pharmacist prescribing preventative as well as emergency medicine.

Dr Beth Wittenberg joined the practice in June of 1997 after working for us three summers and receiving her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in '97.

We are currently under construction. Expansion from a clinic mode to a hospital facility will greatly improve our ability to provide current medical treatment and care for your pets and livestock.

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