Denotational Semantics: A Methodology for Language Development

David Schmidt, Kansas State University

In 1986, Allyn and Bacon published my Denotational Semantics text, which I wrote while I was a post-doc in Edinburgh in 1982-83. The book sold steadily over the years, but Allyn and Bacon was purchased by William C. Brown, which was purchased by McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill deleted the text as soon as they acquired it.

When the book was deleted, its publication rights returned to me. I had no interest in revising and reprinting it, but from time to time I've mailed photocopies of the text to various people.

The requests for copies increased, so I salvaged the text's troff source and produced PS-files. With the help of Dr. Joshua Cogliati and Dr. Andrew Butterfield (thank you!), I am making the book available as a free download in PDF:

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--- David Schmidt, January 2022

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