In May, 2013, I turned 60 years old....

1991 (photo by Mikhail Bulyonkov, thanks to Robert Glück)
2013 (photo by Torben Mogensen)

Some colleagues and friends organized a birthday Fest meeting, held in Manhattan, Kansas, on September 19 and 20.

There were some presentations:

and some free food in the first evening:

Here is a photo of my friends and me on the second morning:

and one more, of my thesis supervisor, me, and my students from long ago:

(photos courtesy of Torben Mogensen)

I was given a Festschrift volume, which everyone signed,...

...and some stuff (thanks, everyone!).

Everyone had a nice time, and they let me end the meeting with a talk:

and afterwards there were some songs.

I guess I am an old guy now.