A History of KSU Computer Science

The KSU CS Department was founded in 1971. Here are presentations that survey the Department's history, people, and accomplishments. The presentations and their supporting documentation are organized into four "eras":
  1. Fairchild Hall: 1971-1985
  2. Nichols Hall, Part 1: 1986-2000
  3. Nichols Hall, Part 2: 2001-2015
  4. Engineering Hall: 2016-present
Because most of the faculty involved with time periods 3 and 4 are still on-staff and are still developing their "histories," the presentation for Nichols Part 2 is necessarily cursory and there is no presentation for the current "era."

These presentations were written so that the founders and builders of the Department might receive recognition for their efforts. They came about as a consequence of the Beth Unger Appreciation Day held April 29, 2016, and the talk I gave that day. Funding from the Engg. Dean's Office and the support of Prof. Scott DeLoach allowed me to assemble these materials.

I would be happy to receive comments and suggestions for improvement.

---Dave Schmidt, das@ksu.edu, December 2016