How to use BlueJ to start a main method with command-line arguments

If you are using BlueJ to build and test your programs, then please follow this procedure for starting a main method with command arguments:
  1. Use the right mouse button to click on the class that holds the main method; a menu with several start-up options appears.
  2. Click on the void main; this causes a text field to appear.
  3. Type the command arguments in the text field. For whatever reason, the arguments must be entered as a constant array of strings.

    For example, three arguments, a, 12, and -3.5, must be typed like this:

    {"a", "12", "-3.5"}
    Of course, a single argument, like 4, is entered like this:
    And, if no arguments are required, you needn't type anything.
  4. Finally, start the main method.