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Bash Commands & Shell Script

      # removes the temporary files created by emacs in the current
      # folder and all its sub folders.

      $ find -name '*~' -exec rm {} \;      


  • Column mode (M-x cua-mode) is a very useful mode for column editing Check this video tutorial.
  • Fly spell check (M-x flyspell-mode) for checking spelling as you type.
  • C-x 5 f - to open a file in a new window (frame).


Replacing text inline

  $ sed -i EXT 's/foo/foo_bar/g' somefile.module ; 

        # where EXT is the extension you want to give for the old file.
	#  -i .1 will replace old to old.1 and old will have the
	#  replaced text.

Data Structures and Algorithms


How to write a research paper (also contains many useful links)

How to read a paper

Research Skills


Some interesting algorithms and programs by Arash Partow

Regular Expression

A good introduction to PCRE library



  • "Design pattern for Dummies" is a good introductory book for learning "Design Patterns".
  • I was luckly captured on google street view