External funding

Lior Shamir (PI), CDS&E: Peculiar galaxy detection in digital sky surveys
Funding source: NSF
Role: PI
Grant number: AST-1903823
Start date: 10/2019
End data: 9/2022
Total funding: $140,732
Salary support: 1 month per year

Bill Gropp (PI), BD Hubs: Collaborative Proposal: Midwest: Midwest Big Data Hub: Building Communities to Harness the Data Revolution
Funding source: NSF
Role: Senior personnel
Grant number: IIS-1916613
Start date: 6/2019
End data: 5/2023
Total funding: $2,883,274
Salary support: 0 months per year

Lior Shamir (PI): Community college STEM bridge program through course-based research.
Funding agency: King-Chavez-Parks (State of Michigan)
Role: PI
Start date: 1/2019
End date: 1/2024
Total funding: $338,390

Lior Shamir (PI), Hsiao-Ping Moore (co-PI), Shannon Timmons (co-PI), Franco Delogu (co-PI), Melinda Weinstein (co-PI): Inclusive Excellence
Funding agency: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Role: PI
Grant number: 52008705
Start date: 10/2017
End date: 10/2022
Total funding: $1,050,000

Lior Shamir (PI), BIGDATA: IA: Query-by-example for Big astronomical Data
Funding agency: NSF
Role: PI
Grant number: IIS-1546079
Start date: 1/1/2016
End date: 12/31/2018
Total funding: $115,435
Salary support: 1 month per year

Seidel Edward (PI), et al., BD Hubs: MIDWEST: SEEDCorn: Sustainable Enabling Environment for Data Collaboration
Funding agency: NSF
Role: Senior personnel
Grant number: IIS-1550320
Start date: 9/15/2015
End date: 10/1/2018
Total funding: $1,499,999
Salary support: 0 months per year

Lior Shamir (PI, sub-award of UIUC): MBDH Resource Center for Big Data at Small Colleges
Funding agency: NSF
Grant number: IIS-1550320 (Supplements). Sub award number: 078981-16551
Start date: 9/15/2017
End date: 10/1/2018
Total funding: $82,233
Salary support: 1 month per year

Lior Shamir (PI), Hsiao Ping Moore (co-PI), Franco Delogu (co-PI), Integrating computational science research into undergraduate social sciences, biology, and humanities courses
Funding agency: Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)
Role: PI
Start date: 6/1/2014
End date: 9/30/2017
Total funding: $292,831

Yin Wang (PI), Lior Shamir (co-PI), A new parallel computing lab using GPU at LTU
Funding source: NVIDIA Inc
Role: co-PI
Funding: Equipment grant from NVIDIA for three Tesla C2075 GPUs.
Funding date: October 25, 2012.

Lior Shamir (PI), Yin Wang (co-PI), A computing facility for interdisciplinary Computational Science research
Funding Agency: NSF.
Grant number: CNS-1157162.
Start date: 7/1/2012
End date: 6/30/2013
Role: PI
Total funding: $72,414

CDI-Type II: Zooniverse - Conquering the Data Flood with a Transformative Partnership between Citizen Scientists and Machines
Funding agency: NSF
Award number: 0941610
PI: Geza Gyuk
Role: Senior personnel
Start date: 1/1/2010
End date: 12/31/2013
Total funding: $1,889,993

Learning the night sky through Augmented Reality
LTU Seed grant
PI: Lior Shamir, David Bindschadler.
Start date: 2012.
Total funding: $3,000.

The Astrophysics Source Code Library
Funding agency: American Astronomical Society
PI: Alice Allen, Bruce Berriman, Robert Hanisch, Jessica Mink, Robert Nemiroff, Lior Shamir, Peter Teuben, John Wallin
Total funding: $5,000.