CHLOE: A tool for automatic outlier detection in microscopy image datasets.

CHLOE is a command-line utility that automatically mines and detects outlier microscopy images. It works in combination with Wndchrm, which first computes the numerical image content descriptors of the images. Binary files are available for Windows, but the source code is also available and can be used to create binaries in any platform that has C/C++ compiler.

Full description of CHLOE command line utility and algorithm can be found at:

Manning, S., Shamir, L.; CHLOE: A software tool for automatic novelty detection in microscopy image datasets, Journal of Open Research Software, 2(1), e25, 2014.

Windows Binary download: chloe.exe

Chloe source: chloe.cpp

Pre-computed test data can be obtained here: pollen

Systems requirements:
See requirements for Wndchrm.

Chloe was developed by Saundra Manning and Lior Shamir.