SDSS data for asymmetry in galaxy spin directions (annotated by SparcFire)

The dataset includes the SDSS object ID, and the raw output of SparcFire for each object. To make the file downloadable, the dataset includes just the columns related to chirality, and excludes the numerous other columns.

SparcFire output (not mirrored)

SparcFire output (mirrored)

SparcFire Spiral only (not mirrored)

SparcFire Spiral only (mirrored)

Paper reference:

McAdam, D., Shamir, L., Reanalysis of the spin direction distribution of Galaxy Zoo SDSS spiral galaxies, Advances in Astronomy, vol. 2023. Article ID: 4114004.

McAdam, D., Shamir, L., Asymmetry Between Galaxy Apparent Magnitudes Shows a Possible Tension Between Physical Properties of Galaxies and their Rotational Velocity, Symmetry (Special Issue on Symmetry in Quantum Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology), 15(6), 1190, 2023.