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Hello, my name is Jessica Whyrick and I really love dogs. I have a dog and he is the most beautiful dog in the world. His name is Cooper and he really loves to chew on things. It does not matter if it is metal, wood, or plastic, he will chew on it. As a result, we have gotten him so many toys. He has also chewed through so many of his toys that we had to throw them out. We got him a non-destructible bone for his birthday at the end of March and then we had to throw it out in June. He is wild, but I love him very much. He is a good boy.

I love my dog! But I also love Kansas State University. This place was supposed to be somewhere that my whole family went to. My mom's dad shoud have gone here, but because he was in a family of immigrants and the oldest, it was not possible. So he worked and married my grandmother and had my mother. As a result of not going to college, he also did not have a high wage job working at the railroad in Topeka, so my mother could not afford to go here either. She met my dad, a fan of KU, also did not go to college. But, despite it all, my brother was able to get good enough grades and my parents were able to work their way up enough to afford for my brother to go. He graduated this past December with a degreee in Electrical Engineering and is working a very nice job in Topeka. I too am very fortunate to be here. I worked all through high school and over the summer during the pandemic to afford my first year nearly debt-free along with scholarships. I am so thankful.

Speaking of thankful! My birhtday is on Thanksgiving this year! It's so wild to think about. I have only had a few times in my life in which this has happened and I think it's so funny that my birthday only falls on a holiday every like 4 years. When I was younger, I did not understand the concept of Leap Year, so when I turned 7 on Thanksgiving several years ago I thought my 21st birthday was going to be on Thanksgiving. It's not, This is my 19th. But still cool. I get to be surrounded by family all week and that includeds my birthday.

My brother also has his own dog. His name is Leo and he is a beautiful Siberian Husky. He is a shelter dog that was put there because he had gotten attacked by another dog at a dog park. His leg is a little messed up as a result unfortunately, but this boy loves to run around and snuggle. When I say run around, I literally mean he spins really, really fast in a circle and then will sprint at you and slam into your body for cuddles. Despite having a bad leg, he runs really fast and can hurt you if you're not paying attention. He will even not like it when you're petting him and not looking into his eyes or petting him enough, he will gently put your hand into his mouth just to get you to pet him some more. Very Strange, but he is a very good dog. Even his little awoos are very cute. Some people think Huskies are annoying, but Leo is generally quiet. I have images of both dogs in my about page :).

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