Game playing computers and artificial intelligence.

Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Bader and Dr. Pascal Hitzler

Seminar, SS 2004

For many years, developing a computer chess player capable of competing at the highest human levels was one of the grand challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) research, as chess was widely considered to be the ultimate test of pure intelligence. This challenge was finally achieved when the program Deep Blue defeated World Champion Garry Kasparow in 1997. Other games, like Backgammon, have been essentially solved by the straightforward implementation of learning algorithms or other approaches. Some games do remain in which the development of skilled playing programs turns out to be very difficult - for example, Go, where even the best programs reach only the level of skilled amateurs, despite considerable research efforts.

In this seminar, we will discuss the use and the integration of AI techniques for developing game playing computer programs. The covered material will consist of recent high-quality research articles and surveys, and will be of a very applied nature, with emphasis on the treatment of actual implementations. Particular attention will be given to the very diverse knowledge representation techniques employed in these systems.


Passed exam in ICL or Einführung in die KI.

Task and Assigned Topics

Each student (or team of students working together) will be assigned a game or group of games. Students can choose from the list below or propose their own game/topic. We will then give some first literature references on the topic to the student.
game supervised by student date of presentation links
Go Pascal JL 02.07.04
Gobang Pascal AZ 02.07.04
Hex/Twixt Sebastian AM 03.07.04 Hex@ICGA, Talk by Anshelevich
Backgammon Sebastian ET 03.07.04 BKGM

Link to the International Computer Gaming Association.


Each student is required to ... Each student will get a mark based on the presentation (2/3) and the manuscript (1/3).


Some Finished Manuscripts



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