Enhancement Programmes

Some information on selected past activities in enhancement programmes. Subpages may need maintenance.

BCU Mathematics Contest

This contest ran as a pilot project between 1999 and 2001 (in Bratislava (Slovak Repulik), Cork (Ireland) and Ulm (Germany)) as an international version of the German Tag der Mathematik contest. It took place at the same day as the former with a similar set of problems. The contest was initiated by Gudrun Kalmbach H.E.

BCU Contest 1999
BCU Contest 2000
BCU Contest 2001 (also contains reports on the German Tag der Mathematik 2001)

Summer School in Mathematics (Intensivkurs Mathematik)

The Intensivkurs Mathematik, a fortnight's or week's course for the age group 17-19, takes place during the summer holidays. From the mid-80s until 2000, it has been jointly conducted by MINT, Ulm and the Verein zur Förderung mathematischer Jugendlicher, Konstanz. I have been involved in running these courses since 1996.

1997 Donaueschingen
1998 Donaueschingen
1999 Donaueschingen
2000 Ulm
2001 Ulm