Computational Complexity

Prof. Dr. Pascal Hitzler

Data Semantics LAb, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

Spring 2016

Meeting Times

Course Materials

Slides and my personal manuscript will be posted here as they become available. However, relevant for the exams is the material presented in class. If you miss a class, it's your responsibility to get all missing information.

draft manuscript (pdf)
slides 2016-01-14 (pdf)
Computability slides 1 (pdf)
Computability slides 2 (pdf)
Computability slides 3 (pdf)
Computability slides 4 (pdf)
Computability slides 5 (pdf)
Proof of Cook's Theorem slides (pdf)

See also the Spring 2012 lecture for the old material. This class will partly be very similar.

Best effort attempt on all homework (announced in class) required to be admitted to final exam.
First and second exam: 30% each; final exam: 40%.
Grading will follow a standard scale (A: 100-90, B: 89-80, C: 79-70, D: 69-60, F: 59-0)

Course Outline (tentative)

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