Pascal Hitzler

Pascal Hitzler

Endowed Lloyd T. Smith Creativity in Engineering Chair
Director, Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (CAIDS)
Department of Computer Science
Carl R. Ice College of Engineering
Kansas State University


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Main academic interests
Some keywords: semantic web, artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs, ontology modeling, ontology language development, ontology alignment, data integration, knowledge representation, information systems, automated reasoning, machine learning, neuro-symbolic integration, intelligent systems, conceptual structures, mathematical foundations.

Foundations of Semantic Web TechnologiesSemantic Web. Grundlagen Publications
External Funding

Editor-in-Chief, Semantic Web journal by IOS Press (since 2009).
Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies (CRC Press Textbook).
Semantic Web - Grundlagen (Springer Textbook).
Editor-in-Chief, book series Studies on the Semantic Web by IOS Press (since 2009).

DaSe Lab for Data Semantics

Data Semantics Lab Website
Publications since 2009


Knowledge Graphs, Spring 2022.
Knowledge Representation for the Semantic Web, Fall 2021.
Neural-Symbolic Integration: Deep Learning and Knowledge Representation in Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2021.

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My Erdös Number is 2, via Paul Erdös and Anthony B. Evans.

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