eXene Updates

"eXene is a multithreaded X Windows toolkit written in Concurrent ML by John Reppy and Emden Gansner." [eXene] Updates on this page are part of a Master's Project by Dusty deBoer at Kansas State University under the supervision of Dr. Alley Stoughton.

July 6, 2005: Summary of API Changes so far.

Mar 28 2005: eXene.2.tar.gz (703kB). Source code. Change to the following functions:

Widget.parseCommand : optSpec -> string list -> optDb * string list
Widget.findNamedOpt : optDb -> optName -> root -> attr_value list
Widget.findNamedOptStrings : optDb -> optName -> string list
In particular, note that only function findNamedOpt requires root, and function findNamedOptStrings has been added to obtain the values of named options as unconverted strings (rather than as converted attr_values.)

Mar 08 2005: eXene.1.tar.gz (703kB). Source code. Still a rough release; more code, and documentation coming.

To use this eXene source tree in your project, extract to some directory, say eXene, then include the eXene/eXene.cm compilation manager file in your project compilation file:

To stabilize the eXene library, type:
CM.stabilize true "eXene.cm";
at the SML/NJ prompt, while at the root of the eXene source tree.