KSU's Teams at the AAAI97 Robotics Contest

Slick Willie Won! our winning robot

Our team from the CIS department at KSU partiticipated in the 6th Annual AAAI Robotics Contest in Providence, RI from July 26 through July 31, 1997. The team consisted of Mike Novak, Todd Prater, Brian Rectanus, and Steve Gustafson. The students had a great time and won the "find-the-remote" contest.

Pictures :

Entrance to the robotics arena.
List of schools competing in robotics contests.
We stayed in the Biltmore Hotel - very nice.
Discussing problems.
Chairs with wheels curtesy of Brian It is had to work sitting on uncomfortable folding chairs.
Discussing the event with Ron Arkin, the general chair of the robotics competition.
Some of the objects for willie to pick up.
Willie and Mike in the event area.

Pics of Willie :

Team with Willie.
Willie in room.
Willie picking up cup.
Willie holding cup.
Willie moving with cup

More Pics :

Team with winning certificate.
Participants at contest.
The Nomadic Team.
Mike holding computer boxes.
Mike moving willie.
Conference center.