Dr. David A. Gustafson, Professor


Spring 2009:

CIS541 Soft Eng II

CIS841 Soft Valid & Ver

Fall 2009:

CIS540 & CIS543

CIS890 Swarm Robotics

Semantic Vision Robotic Comp


My teaching and research interests include software engineering, software measurement, robotics, and expert systems. My book, Software Engineering, is part of the Schaum's outline series.

My research interests include many aspects of software engineering, including software measurement, software testing, software engineering of robotics software, vision, and all aspects of robotics. Some recent papers are available.

I have been the faculty advisor for teams competing in the AAAI annual robotics competition since 1995. In 2007 our team participated in Semantic Vision Robotic Challenge event. AAAI2007 In November 2009, we will be competing at the Semantic Vision Challenge in Las Vegas. If you are interested in joining the competition team, please let me know.

I have cochaired the High School Programming Contest with Prof Howell for many years. This will be the 18th annual competition on Wed, Nov 4, 2009.

I am the advisor for many robotics activities. If you are a KSU student and are interested, please send me an email.