Insight (for Eclipse)
This is an eclipse plug-in I wrote as part of an implementation project course. It allows ddd style object/thread visualization of a running (in the debugger) java program.

Download Plug-in: (guide only)

A Tetris clone I wrote in Java. It has background music, levels, and scoring. It is functional enough to be fun, but certainly not finished. The background music is a collection of midi files for old games that I hunted deep into the internet.

Download: blocks.jar (usage: java -jar blocks.jar)
Web Start: Run Blocks (not working, something about keyboard+webstart)

LGA Flow
This was an undergraduate implementation project to explore concurrent programming. It uses the lattice gas finite automata model to model fluid flow. It does surprisingly well considering I had no idea how to set up the initial conditions or interpret the results. The model can be broken up into arbitrarily many regions of independent computation.

Download: lga.jar (usage: java -jar lga.jar)