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As I prepared for retirement from the military, I felt the call to ministry. Three years after graduating from Atlanta Christian College I accepted the call to Crestview Christian Church in Manhattan, KS. I served the congregation there for almost thirteen years. I think the bright light in my service at Crestview was helping to establish the Manhattan Chinese Christian Fellowship (MCCF).

The MCCF is a indigenous Chinese congregation made up of Chinese from both Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China, and it has been a blessing to me personally as I have watched (and participated) in the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ to a vast number of Chinese as they have traveled through Manhattan and KSU.

After I left Cresview in 1998, Marge and I joined the University Christian Church. Over the years I have supply preached in a number of different churches from Baptist to Luthern. At University Christian I taught a Sunday School class (12+ years) and in the fall of 2011 I began to teach a class in Historical Theology.

I spent one year preaching at the Centralia, KS United Congregational Church of Christ. During that time I was instrumental in merging the Methodist congregation and the Congregational congregation into the Centralia Community Church. I then stayed for one more year.

Since that time I have continued to teach a Sunday School class at the University Christian Church in Manhattan and supply preach when called on by Manhattan Christian College.