An Inductive Study of 1st John

Lesson 6

1. Twice in 1 John 2:18 John mentions the “last hour”. Locate “last” (ESCHATOS) in Vines Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words. Is there anything here that can help us to identify to the time John refers?

2. According to 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13, what are some of the characteristics of the last (hour) days?

3. John says that the false teachers who are seeking to deceive are antichrists. Carefully read 1 John 2:18-23 and make a list of the characteristics of false teachers, or as John calls them, “antichrists”. This list should help you to know how to identify false teachers.

4. In 2:23, John says, “Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father. . . .” Locate “deny” in Vines. What does it mean to deny the Son of God?

5. In 2:19 John, speaking of the antichrists, says, “. . . for if they had been of us, they would have remained [emphasis mine] with us. . . .” As we saw last week, this is the Greek word “meno”, which according to Gerhard Kittle’s Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, means “to stay in place, to remain in a sphere, to stand against opposition, to hold out, to stand fast, to endure, to remain.” True believers will remain. True believers will persevere.

The following Scriptures speak about those who did not stand fast, or persevere. Record all or part of each reference as well as what you learn about these individuals. Also record any special insights you receive as you think about what the Lord is saying in these verses.

1 Timothy 4:1,2

Matthew 7:15

Acts 20:28-31

Jude 3,4