An Inductive Study of 1st John

Lesson 2

In 2 Timothy 215 Paul challenges us to "handle accurately the word of truth". To do this we must know how to study the bible for ourselves. You might want to review the notes from our class on self study. By now I hope you have completed your observation worksheet for chapter one.


1.       What do we learn from the first three verses of John's epistle about the word of life?



2.       What is the "message" John references in verse 5?


3.       Study the word "fellowship" using Vines. What do we learn about fellowship from verses 1-5?



4.       Review the following verses and record what you learn about those who are in darkness, and those who are in light.

a.       John 812


b.      John 1235,36


c.       John 1246


d.      Act 2618


e.      2 Corinthians 614



f. Colossians 113



g. Ephesians 56-8



h. 1 Thessalonians 54,5



i. 1 Peter 219



j. 1 John 27-11




5.       What can we conclude about those who walk in darkness as a matter of life?



6.       What can we conclude about those who walk in light as a way f life?



7.       Can a person, as a pattern of life walk in darkness and be in fellowship with God? (y/n) explain.