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I arranged this for a really talented vocalist. She definitely has a bright future ahead of her!


Essence of Hope

Happily Lost With You

Lost in the Wind

Make Up My Mind

Metalic Blue

Door to Nowhere

Braving the Storm

Taking Off

The Idea


Untitled 2

Fast Forward

save me

An attempt to write in mixolydian and harmonic aeolian. I recorded all of the parts individually, but I'll probably have real musicians record on this after I tweak it a bit.

ocean sunset

This is a short piece that I wrote for some of my piano students. You can view the sheet music or download the song.


One of the songs that some of us from crestview put together. Jonathan and Rebecca Ness on vocals, Jonathan on guitar, Cory Zipperle on bass, and me on keys. Download it

your love

Another song the crestview crew. Download it


This is the first track that our FFC band has put together. That's me on keys, Ryan Jeffries on bass and electric, Dean Holmgren on drums, and Dave West on accoustic. Download it


Skeleton of a song on acoustic guitar.Download it


Another skeleton of a song on acoustic guitar.Download it


This is one of the first songs I tried to record using just the electric with distortion. Sounds very 80ish, but I like it. It has potential. I recorded to a metronome, so it's pretty tight on ryhthm. download it


Aborra is a neo-impressionsitic song about a tree going through various seasons. It was my first attempt into the neo-impressionistic genre and I kind of like it. download it

walk in winter's night

Walk in Winter's Night is about a young couple walking hand in hand on a cold winter night. Snow covers everything around them, allowing the moonlight to reflect everywhere and dimly light their path. download it

winter's drive

One of today's most accomplished painters, Thomas Kinkade, has the cunning ability to portray various scenes of life. One of his paintings, entitled "Winter's Glen", portrays one of Kinkade's "most successful early forays into the snowy countryside." This picture comes to mind throughout this song as one imagines the falling snowflakes, the vast, glistening plains, and every aspect of nature covered in beautiful white it

dancing snowflakes

My favorite time of the year is the brink between fall and winter when the cold air is so fresh to breath and the leaves have all left their trees. The first snowfall then comes and it seems that the entire world stops while the snowflakes fall freely from the sky, dancing their way all around until they brush gently on their final resting place. This song portrays that first snow. download it

journey of a leaf

In the movie "Forrest Gump," the director begins the movie with a feather making its way from its tree to wherever it decides to go; for being such a simple idea, it is so captivating. This song is an attempt to portray the same concept. When I wrote it, as corny as it sounds, I wrote it from a leaf's perspective. This leaf begins talking with the other leaves about what it would be like to leave the tree. They wonder how it will feel or what it will look like.. they imagine so many things. For the entire song, they just talk and imagine, having a good time... then, at the very end of the song, it happens to the leaf as it begins its journey. download it

the ice skater

This is an attempt to picture an ice skater by herself practicing, with nobody around to watch her hard work. She twirls, she jumps, she feels the music move through her as she skates. download it

daydream in the winter

Sometimes, in the bleakness of winter, it is tempting to just lay back on a couch, look out the picture window, and daze into the blury of the wintery scene. Before you know it, you start to think of what it'd be like in just a few months when the white turns to green. download it