Alex Bardas

Alexandru G. Bardas

I have moved to The University of Kansas.
This page is no longer actively maintained.
Please visit my new page here



Refereed Posters

  • Alexandru G. Bardas, Ian Unruh, Rui Zhuang, Xinming Ou, and Scott A. DeLoach. Compiling Abstract Specifications into Concrete Systems – Bringing Order to the Cloud. In USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC), June 2014.

  • Jason Jones, Marc R. Eisenbarth, Michael Barr, Alexandru G. Bardas. A Survey of Fuzzy Hashing Algorithms for Malware Clustering. In USENIX Security, August 2013.

  • Alexandru G. Bardas, Loai Zomlot, Sathya Chandran Sundaramurthy, Xinming Ou, S. Raj Rajagopalan, and Marc R. Eisenbarth. Classification of UDP Traffic for DDoS Detection. In USENIX Security, August 2012.