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While my home page is (always?) under construction, you may find it intersting to visit the sites below:

Titanic Forever

My award winning web site dedicated to the 1997 movie Titanic, it features storyline, history, cast biography, slideshows, music. In Chinese only, however.

The T4Ever Guestbook

Read visitor's comments on my Titanic Forever (T4Ever) web site. I have been deeply touched by the loyal fans of the movie and their wonderful words on my web site.

Previous Home Page

It achieves nothing big, but defines the word ... "simple", which debuted on 2002-08-27 20:46 and serves as a small portal to the web sites I have been involved with.

My Ancient Home Page

My home page made a few years ago, last updated on May 7th, 1998. I made a few plans over the past years, trying to give it more contents and a new look, but...

CSSA@KSU Home Page

Home page of CSSA atKSU, courtesy of Yuyu Wang and Xin Tang. Hopefully three or four of us could get it done before our term ends.


Forums of CSSA in KSU, in its hibernation period. It used to have its glory, but now it's silent and gets some audience only in case of a movie show.

CSSA@KSU Address Book

Look up phone numbers and addresses here, they are probably more updated than the school version. And best of all, you can have names in Chinese.

CSSA@KSU Gallery

Photos, videos of everything happening among our students. Fun and exciting, enjoy!

Created by Chen, Yu 2000-2002 in Kansas State University