1999 Technical Reports

Department of Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University

Note: not all reports are available in electronic form. (Sorry!)

Important: The links on this page connect to the department's ftp directory. For whatever strange reason, some WWW browsers cannot access the directory. If you try one of the links on this page and receive an error message in response, please use ordinary ftp to obtain the reports: (i) ftp ftp.cis.ksu.edu (anonymous login) (ii) cd pub/CIS (iii) get README

Here is a listing of the abstracts for the reports.

Report 99-1. Linear Types and Approximation by Michael Huth, Achim Jung, and Klaus Keimel

Report 99-2. Bicontinuous Function Spaces by Reinhold Heckmann, Michael Huth, and Michael Mislove

Report 99-3. An Interval Framework for Process Algebras, Refinement, and Model Checking by Michael Huth

Report 99-4. Practical Parallelization : Experience with a Complex Flow Analysis by Matthew B. Dwyer and Matthias Martin

Report 99-5. Inference rules for text data mining by Maria Zamfir Bleyberg

Report 99-6. Slicing Multi-threaded Java Programs : A Case Study by Matthew B. Dwyer, James C. Corbett, John Hatcliff, Stefan Sokolowski, and Hongjun Zheng

Report 99-8. System Description, Abstraction, and Verification: A Uniform Treatment of Quality and Quantity by Michael Huth

Report 99-9. Predictive Notification of QoS Shortfall with the Network Weather Service by Robert E. Busby, Jr., Daniel Andresen, and Mitchell L. Neilsen.

Report 99-10 A Self-Stabilizing Reset Algorithm for a General Shared Memory System by Hirotsugu Kakugawa and Masaaki Mizuno

Report 99-11 Integrating Coordination and Information Transfer by Gurdip Singh

Report 99-12 Performance Benefits of Modularization by Gurdip Singh

Report 99-13 The Modeler's Workbench: A system for dynamically distributed simulation and data collection. by Daniel Andresen and Robert Novotny

Report 99-14 Slicing Software for Model Construction (extended version) by John Hatcliff, Matthew Dwyer, and Hongjun Zheng

Report 99-15 Bandera : Extracting Finite-state Models from Java Source Code by Matthew Dwyer, John Hatcliff, Shawn Laubach, Corina S.Pasareanu, Robby, and Hongjun Zheng

Dave Schmidt (schmidt@cis.ksu.edu)