1997 Technical Reports

Department of Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University

Note: not all reports are available in electronic form. (Sorry!)

Important: The links on this page connect to the department's ftp directory. For whatever strange reason, some WWW browsers cannot access the directory. If you try one of the links on this page and receive an error message in response, please use ordinary ftp to obtain the reports: (i) ftp ftp.cis.ksu.edu (anonymous login) (ii) cd pub/CIS (iii) get README

Here is a listing of the abstracts for the reports.

Report 97-1. Model Checking Graphical User Interfaces Using Abstractions by Matthew B. Dwyer, Vicki Carr, Laura Hines

Report 97-2. Quantitative Semantics and Possibility Measures by Reinhold Heckmann and Michael Huth

Report 97-3. A formal generalization of Howe's Method by Sergey Kotov

Report 97-4. Object-Oriented Coordination Abstractions for Parallel Software by Matthew B. Dwyer and Virgil Wallentine

Report 97-5. A Framework for Parallel Adaptive Grid Simulations by Matthew B. Dwyer and Virgil Wallentine

Report 97-6. Trace-based abstract intepretation of operational semantics by David Schmidt

Report 97-7. Flow Analysis for Verifying Specifications of Concurrent and Distributed Software by Matthew B. Dwyer and Lori A. Clarke

Report 97-8. Automated Analysis of Software Frameworks by Matthew B. Dwyer

Report 97-9. Limiting State Explosion with Filter-Based Refinement by Matthew B. Dwyer and David Schmidt

Report 97-10. Specification Patterns for Reactive Systems by Matthew B. Dwyer, George S. Avrunin and James C. Corbett

Report 97-11. Data Flow Analysis is Model Checking of Abstract Interpretations (Summary) by David A. Schmidt

Report 97-12. An Operational Semantics Framework Supporting the Incremental Construction of Derivation Trees by Allen Stoughton

Report 97-13. Partial Evaluation of Higher-Order Natural-Semantics Derivations by Husain Ibraheem and David A. Schmidt

Report 97-14. A Transformation of Self-Stabilizing Serial Model Programs for Asynchronous Parallel Computing Environments by Masaaki Mizuno and Mikhail Nesterenko

Report 97-15. Using Partial Evaluation to Enable Verification of Concurrent Software by Matthew B. Dwyer, John Hatcliff, and Muhammad Nanda

Report 97-16. Comparing CTL and PCTL on Labeled Markov Chains by Michael Huth and Marta Kwiatkowska

Report 97-17. The Interval Domain: A Matchmaker for aCTL and aPCTL by Michael Huth

Dave Schmidt (schmidt@cis.ksu.edu)