1994 Technical Reports

Department of Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University

Note: not all reports are available in electronic form. (Sorry!)

Important: The links on this page connect to the department's ftp directory. For whatever strange reason, some WWW browsers cannot access the directory. If you try one of the links on this page and receive an error message in response, please use ordinary ftp to obtain the reports: (i) ftp ftp.cis.ksu.edu (anonymous login) (ii) cd pub/CIS (iii) get README

Here is listing of the abstracts for the reports.

Report 94-1. Datalog with Integer Periodicity Constraints, by D. Toman, J. Chomicki, D. S. Rogers

Report 94-2. Constraint-Generating Dependencies, by M. Baudinet, J. Chomicki, P. Wolper

Report 94-3. Temporal Query Languages: a Survey, by J. Chomicki

Report 94-4. A proof checker for propositional and predicate logic, by Nazareth Karjian

Report 94-5. Stackability in the Typed Call-by-Value Lambda Calculus, by Anindya Banerjee and David A. Schmidt

Report 94-6. Stackability, by Anindya Banerjee

Report 94-7. Polymorphic Lambda Calculus and Subtyping, by Adrian Fiech and David A. Schmidt

Report 94-8. Another iteration on Darlington's ``A synthesis of several sorting algorithms'', by Brian T. Howard

Report 94-9. Proving the specificity property for McCabe's cyclomatic number, by David A. Gustafson

Dave Schmidt (schmidt@cis.ksu.edu)