1993 Technical Reports

Department of Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University

Note: not all reports are available in electronic form. (Sorry!)

Important: The links on this page connect to the department's ftp directory. For whatever strange reason, some WWW browsers cannot access the directory. If you try one of the links on this page and receive an error message in response, please use ordinary ftp to obtain the reports: (i) ftp ftp.cis.ksu.edu (anonymous login) (ii) cd pub/CIS (iii) get README

Here is a listing of the abstracts for the reports.

Report. 93-2. A Verification Helper for Task Specifications, by William Hankley and Peikun Tsai

Report 93-3. Communication Efficient Distributed Shared Memories, by Masaaki Mizuno, Gurdip Singh, Michel Raynal, and Mitchell L. Neilsen.

Report 93-4. A Sequentially Consistent Distributed Shared Memory, by James Z. Zhou, Masaaki Mizuno, and Gurdip Singh.

Report 93-5. Analysis of Logical Concurrency in Distributed Applications, by K. Ravindran and A. Thenmozhi.

Report 93-6. Structural Complexity and Execution Efficiency of Distributed Application Protocols, by K. Ravindran and X. T. Lin.

Report 93-7. Service Models and Network Abstractions for Data Multicasting in Multi-service Networks, by K. Ravindran and X. T. Lin.

Report 93-8. Transport Models for Synchronization of Multimedia Data Streams, by K. Ravindran.

Report 93-9. On the Transformation between Direct and Continuation Semantics, by Olivier Danvy and John Hatcliff

Report 93-11. Temporal Databases (tutorial notes), by Jan Chomicki

Report 93-13 On the Feasibility of Checking Temporal Integrity Constraints, by Jan Chomicki and Damian Niwinski

Report 93-14. Optimal Scheduling and Handling Potential Overload, by Rodney R. Howell

Report 93-15. Thunks and the lambda-calculus, by John Hatcliff and Olivier Danvy

Report 93-16 History-less Checking of Temporal Integrity Constraints, by Jan Chomicki

Report 93-17. Depth-bounded Bottom-up Evaluation of Logic Programs, by Jan Chomicki

Report 93-18. Colimits in the Category DCPO, by Adrian Fiech.

Dave Schmidt (schmidt@cis.ksu.edu)