Kyung-Goo Doh's three mini-languages, where the parser and interpreter are coded in Scala: folder | zipped folder

Exercise 4

Exercise 3B

zipped folder of lambda-calculus reducer (now patched to accept only defs of nonrecursive, closed lambda expressions)
folder of individual files

Exercise 3A

Exercise 2: denotational semantics exercises (You might find helpful Chapters 4 and 5 from my denotational semantics text.)

partial solution for Question 4
partial solution for Question 5

Exercise 1: folder of all files | zipped folder

Don't work this next one yet, just look at the code that goes with it:

Sample Exercise folder of all files | zipped folder

Inside the subfolder, MiniOO, there is a sample Scala implementation that uses a script and three compiled packages. Read MiniOO/README.txt to learn how the code is structured and used.