CIS501 Announcements

April 9

Here's the schedule for the rest of the course:

Today, April 9: preview Assignments 6 (due Mon. April 20) and 7 (due Tues. May 12)
       and finish the exercise on path search 

Week of April 13: do in-class exercise on remote-proxy design pattern; learn about wrappers

Week of April 20: no class meetings --- submit Assignment 6 and start Assigmnent 7
                  read summary material about design patterns

Week of April 27: meet with me in my office to discuss Assignments 6 and 7 

Dead week: no class meetings --- work on Assignment 7.
I will be in my office on Tuesday and Thursday, 1pm-3pm.

Finals week: submit Assignment 7 by final exam time, 3:50pm, May 12

Please contact me if you have any questions.