CIS501 Assignments

Assignments 6 (due April 20) and 7 (due May 12) | Folder of code, diagrams, and files | zipped folder

Assignment 5: Due Weds., April 8

Assignment 4: Due Friday, March 13

NOTE: One person has recommended Lucidchart for drawing the diagrams required by this assignment: You are welcome to use this tool or any other diagram-drawing tool. You can also draw the diagrams by hand (but make them legible).

Assignment 3: Due Thursday, February 26 | state diagram for game's controller

Assignment 2: Due Weds., February 11 | Folder of code and diagrams | zipped folder

IMPORTANT: Your submission for Assignment 2 must be self-contained and must not require that Pavel and I rebuild it or login to Microsoft to find it and use it. Here is how the assignment should be submitted: First, on your computer's local (C:) drive) make this folder:

  MyLastName.MyFirstName.Assn2  (Folder)
  |  CardConcepts (VS Solution Folder)
  |  +-------------------------------------------------------
  |  |  CardConcepts (VS Project)     UnitTests (VS Project)
  |  |  +-------------------          +------------------
  |  |  | class Card,  class Hand,    |  unit tests go here
  |  |  | class Deck, etc.            |
  |  +--------------------------------------------------------
  |  Blackjack2 (VS Solution Folder)
  |  +-----------------------------------------------------
  |  |  Blackjack2 (VS Project)    UnitTests (VS Project)
  |  |  +----------------------   +----------------------
  |  |  |  your work goes here    | simple unit tests for Dealer,
  |  |  |                         | Human, and Android
Use Visual Studio to open Solution CardConcepts. Rebuild it. Then, use Visual Studio to open Solution Blackjack2. Look at the right column, click on "References" and click on "CardConcepts". In the Properties window, check that that Path for CardConcepts is exactly to the above folder on your local drive. (If not, delete the reference to CardConcepts and re-add it to the folder on your local drive.) Test Blackjack2. If it works, then you can add your object diagram and your screenshot to the folder, zip it, and submit it. You won't get credit for your work if your submission does not run as submitted.

IMPORTANT: In lab, we used Nclass to generate the classes for Blackjack2. You must make some small changes to what we did in lab for your implementation:

  1. Add the four methods listed in Player to both Human and Android
  2. Remove MessageBox, because it is already built into .NET
  3. Delete OutputForm and rename Form1 to OutputForm.

Assignment 1: Due Friday, January 30 | CardConcepts class library
Note: You do not write unit tests for class Program of your card game --- You write unit tests for any other classes that you coded in addition to class Program. (E.g., maybe you coded class CardTable, so you would unit-test CardTable first before you use it in Program.)