A picture of me!!!

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Kansas State University. You can find more info about me in my CV.

Teaching: In Fall'17, I am offering a course on verification and validation (CIS841) and an implementation project course (CIS690/798). If you want to enroll in these courses, then please contact me.

Research:I am open to interesting problems. I like to dabble with software engineering and programming analysis/verification. Lately, I am dabbling with security. For more information about my past research interests, please refer to my publications (listed below) and my contributions to the various projects: @BitBucket, @GitHub, Tark, Indus, Cadena, and Bandera.

Note to students: If you want to participate in projects either for course requirements or just to explore research, then I'd love to chat with you about possibilities. To get the most out of this chat, please read about my research efforts and think how can you contribute to them or, better yet, how can you do better. If you have new research ideas, then I am open to them as well. (If you are interested in doing research work or implementation projects in CS, then please read this.)


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