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CIS 527

Services, Software & Security

What is a Service?


Services Management

Service Properties

Startup Types

Windows 10 Pseudo Accounts

Services Recovery

Recovery Options

Important Services

Service Host Process

Linux Services - daemons

Starting Linux Services - init

Starting Linux Services - Upstart

Starting Linux Services - Systemd

Linux Daemon Commands

Linux Daemon Commands

What is a Process?


Task Manager

Process Information

Ubuntu System Monitor

Ubuntu Processes - top

Windows Software Architecture

Executable Image (.EXE)

Dynamic Link Library (.DLL)

Initialization File (.INI)

Registry Keys

Windows Software Install Process

Tracking - Process Monitor

Tracking - InstallWatch Pro

Installing - Thunderbird

Ubuntu Software Architecture

Binary Files

Shared Object & Library Files

Settings Files

Documentation Files

Ubuntu Package Management

Ubuntu Software Commands

Ubuntu Software Install Process

Tracking - Synaptic

System Security

  1. Install system updates
  2. Install antivirus software
  3. Configure firewall
  4. Set up users and passwords

Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP)