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CIS 527

ITIL: The Information Technology Infrastructure Library


Q: Wha?


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History of ITIL

ITIL Today

The Books

26 processes, 4 functions

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Service Strategy

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Service Design

Service Transition

Service Operation

Continual Service Improvement

Why is this a Big Deal?

ITIL Maturity Levels

  1. Absence (Chaos)
  2. Initial (Reactive)
  3. Repeatable (Active)
  4. Defined (Proactive)
  5. Managed (Pre-Emptive)
  6. Optimized
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0 - Absence (Chaos)

1 - Initial (Reactive)

2 - Repeatable (Active)

Defined (Proactive)

Managed (Pre-Emptive)


ITIL Restaurant - Strategy

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ITIL Restaurant - Design

ITIL Restaurant - Transition

ITIL Restaurant - Operations

ITIL Restaurant - CSI

Your Turn!

Strategy, Design, Transition, Operations, CSI