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Welcome to
CIS 527

Enterprise Systems Administration

Instructor: Russell Feldhausen

Email is definitely the best method!

Technical Advisor:

Teaching Assistants:

Icebreaker Activity

  1. Get into groups of 3 - 5
  2. Find at least 5 non-obvious things you all have in common
  3. Come up with 2-3 questions to ask the instructor about himself (AMAA)
  4. Write it down, nominate a speaker

Syllabus: Read these topics later

Course Structure:


Letter Grades:

My philosophy: do your work completely, turn it in on time, and you should have no issues getting a 'B'.

Late work: 10% of the possible points will be deducted for each day it is late.
Make arrangements with the instructor if extenuating circumstances arise.

(He really is a nice guy and will help you out if needed!)

Required Textbooks: NONE!

Recommended Resources:

Subject to Change
This is the 4th semester of this class
Things may change quickly

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Lab 1 - Secure Workstations

CIS 225 Review

Lab 2 - Configuration Management

Lab 1 redone using Puppet

Lab 3 - Core Networking Services

CIS 525 Material with Sysadmin Twist

Lab 4 - Directory Services & SSO

Single Sign-on Infrastructures - Hardest Lab!

Lab 5 - The Cloud

Modern Sysadmin Without Hardware

Lab 6 - Application Servers

Backbone of Company Networks

Lab 7 - Backups & Monitoring

99.99999% Uptime

Final Presentation

A system administrator is a professional practitioner of IT Administration, which is concerned mainly with the design, construction, and maintenance of computer systems and networks.

Similar titles for the same position include IT systems administrator, systems administrator, or sysadmin. - Wikipedia

The Basics:

Communication Skills:

IT Management:

Cool Stuff:

* Optional, but you'll have the requisite skills

Improve your technical skills

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Hone your communication skills

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Computers are EVERYWHERE

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Learn to MAXIMIZE your effectiveness

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Database Administrator

Image Credit: Sean MacEntee (smemon) on Flickr

IT Manager

Image Credit: Dilbert

Network Administrator

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Computer Systems Analyst

Image Credit: RingCentral

Lecture Material

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Lab Activities

Documentation & Communication

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Online Resources

Quiz 1

  1. Three things you would like to learn in this class

  2. Two things you have already done as a sysadmin that you are proud of