KansasStateUniversity.TreeViewer2 is a class library for displaying tree data structures from user programs. This library is revision of a port of a portion of the JavaTM package edu.ksu.cis.viewer to the Microsoft® .NET Framework. This revision redefines the interface ITree to make it more consistent with .NET style. The old version will continue to be maintained. The current version (2.0) includes the following updates:

The remainder of this page describes how to install and use the package on your own platform. A Microsoft Windows® operating system or emulator with the Microsoft .NET Framework is required.


To install the library, simply download KansasStateUniversity.TreeViewer2.dll and place it in a convenient location.


In order to be able to implement a tree that can be displayed using this library, you must write your tree class to implement ITree. If you wish to have colored nodes, you will also need to provide a class that implements IColorizer. You may then use the TreeDrawing, TreePanel, and/or TreeForm classes to display your tree.

For more details on using this library, you may download the class library documentation. If you download this documentation using a Windows operating system, when you open the file, you will get a Security Warning. In this window, you will need to uncheck the box, "Always ask before opening this file." If you don't uncheck this box, you will get a message, "Navigation to the webpage was canceled", and you will not see the documentation. If you get this message after unchecking the box:
  1. Close the program.
  2. Right-click on the TreeViewerDocs.chm (or TreeViewerDocs) icon.
  3. Select "Properties".
  4. Click the "Unblock" button.
Online documentation is not available at this time.

To compile your program, you will need to instruct the compiler where to find KansasStateUniversity.TreeViewer2.dll. If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio®, you will need to go to the Solution Explorer and To compile a program from a command prompt, you will need to supply the appropriate compiler option to instruct the compiler where to find the library. For example, if you are writing a C# program and the library is in the same folder as your source code, you could compile your program as follows:
csc /r:KansasStateUniversity.TreeViewer.dll *.cs

Bug Reports

This library has not been tested on a wide variety of platforms. If you discover compatibility issues or other bugs, please let me know.

Last updated March 29, 2010.

Rod Howell (rhowell@ksu.edu)

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