CIS 775 Final Paper, Fall 2005

A major portion of the grade for CIS 775 is a paper on an approved topic. A typical paper would be based on a problem or set of problems from one of the required or recommended textbooks, but other topics will be considered as well.

Content Requirements

The paper must include the following sections:

Formatting Requirements

Submission Requirements

When you believe you have an appropriate topic, email me a brief summary of what you want to do. Make it clear what you will be doing yourself, and what material (if any) you intend to use from other sources. Be specific in describing any sources you plan to use, how these sources may be found, and what material you plan to use from these sources. I will then let you know whether I approve of this topic. Papers will not be graded unless I have given this approval. Furthermore, failure to disclose in advance the extent to which external sources are used will be considered cheating.

Papers must be well-written, typeset, and independently done in order to be acceptable. Submissions must include:

You may submit a paper for grading up to three times. Allow five full working days for the grading of any submission; e.g., if you turn in a paper by 5:00 pm on a Wednesday, it will be available by Thursday of the following week, assuming no holidays intervene. Any submission made after 5:00 pm, Dec. 5, will be considered the last submission of that paper. No submissions will be accepted after 5:00 pm, Dec. 15. The highest score of all of your submissions will be the grade you receive for the paper.

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