Some Highlights of Myron Calhoun's Personal Life

     Born 1941  in Michigan, then moved to Texas, then to Florida
Graduated 1959  Valedictorian and National Merit Scholar
      May 1960  Received my "Novice" amateur-radio license (KN0BCC)
    AA    1961  Graceland College (now University), Lamoni, Iowa
     June 1961  Received my "General" amateur-radio license (W4WKV)
          1962  Met Nancy Borland, my (future) wife, in Calculus class
    BS EE 1963  University of Kansas (with RCA & Boeing Scholarships)
   Summer 1963  Bell Telephone Laboratories (a TERRIFIC place to work!)
    MS EE 1964  Colorado State University (on an NSF Fellowship)
  Married 1964  53 years later, Nancy is still the light of my life!
September 1965  Edith, my daughter, was born; she now has four (grand) kids
   Summer 1966  EG&G (in Las Vegas!  Atomic-bomb stuff -- don't ask!)
   PhD EE 1967  Arizona State University (on a NASA Fellowship)
      May 1968  Omner, my 1st son, was born
 December 1970  Aaron, my 2nd son, was adopted Dec. 31 (instant tax break!)
     1967-1971  Fairchild Semiconductor R&D Lab (SYMBOL computer)
     Fall 1971  Moved to Kansas (and have never regretted it!-)
   Summer 1973  DIT-MCO (8008 microcomputer-based cable testing)
     1973-1974  Consultant, Unified Industries; Alexandria, VA
          1974  Consultant/Reviewer, Science Research Associates; Palo Alto, CA
     1971-1975  Kansas State University (Assistant Prof CS and EE Departments)
          1978  Consultant; National Semiconductor Corp; Sunnyvale, CA
          1978  Consultant, Irons & Sears (Patent Counsel); Washington, DC
          1979  Consultant (Reviewer), Reston Pub Co (Prentice-Hall); Reston, VA
   Summer 1984  Eglin Air Force Base (8086 micro-computer stuff)
  October 1985  Received "Advanced" amateur-radio license (now W0PBV)
     1976-1986  Kansas State University (Associate Professor CS Department)
   Summer 1986  Micro-Electronics & Computer-Technology Corporation (MCC)
     1986-1987  Fulbright Professor at the University of Benin, Nigeria, Africa
     June 1987  Weeklong "detention" in Nigeria (they thought I was a spy!)
     1987-1997  Back at Kansas State University (Associate Prof CS Department)
          1990  Received the William Stamey Teaching Award
   Summer 1990  Argonne National Laboratory (more atomic stuff)
          1992  Became a docent on the Konza Prairie Biological Station
  January 1997  Retired (and I'm still loving every minute of it!)
    April 1997  Started mornings-only school-bus driving (they're asleep then!)
   Summer 1997  Volunteered at the NRA's Whittington Adventure Camps
    March 1999  Started helping burn Konza Prairie Biological Station watersheds
 December 2000  Served on a jury for nine days (civil case; "acquited")
   Spring 2001  Taught Electronics at Manhattan Area Technical College
   Summer 2001  PIT archaeological survey in west-central New Mexico
     Fall 2001  Visiting CS Prof. at Graceland University (my 1st Alma Mater!)
  January 2003  Turned 62 and started receiving Social (in)Security payments;
                and all you still-working people have my heartfelt thanks!
     July 2005  Nancy (finally) retired!
  January 2006  Turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare (Thanks again!)
      May 2006  Retired again (after driving a school-bus for nine years)
     June 2006  Became a Kansas Concealed-Carry Handgun (CCH) Instructor
 November 2007  Took my first (and probably last) Caribbean cruise
 February 2009  Tried to remove my left index finger (see my web page)
    March 2011  Visited a 16-year-old grandson whom I had not seen in 13 years!
 December 2013  I became a GREAT-grandfather!  (With NO effort on my part!-)
     June 2014  Graduated my 39nd/last CCH class and certified my 293rd trainee
  January 2017  I am still on the right side of (i.e., above!-) the daisies!

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Barbershop Tenor
Amateur Radio Operator (WØPBV)
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