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I don't want to write here another SOP (Statement of Purpose), but to be brief, I am a simple guy living in a beautiful city of Pune in Maharashtra, India along with my parents. I just completed my graduation (somehow ;). I like computer programming, especially systems and am always open to trying on new things on the computer be it learning new language which I haven't came across so far or be it trying out the new kernel release.

I love music. I am trying hard to learn keyboard (synthesizer) and guitar, a Hobner acoustic that I have. I like doing social work - doing computer literacy courses in Marathi schools, participating in the women welfare campaigns and the like.

I also happen to write sometimes. Once writing for school magazines, I now write regularly for couple of international magazines. Recently I completed a research report on Smart Cards. All the writing related work can be found here.

I'm a 2004 graduate from the B.E. Computer Engineering batch from D. Y. Patil College of Engg., Akurdi under University of Pune, Maharashtra, India. Earned a Masters in Computer Science at Kansas State University. My Masters thesis, called chunkfs, was about reducing the file system checking time in file systems. Called chunkfs,

I was working with Veritas Software / Symantec Corporation for some time and previously I was in Calsoft Pvt. Ltd., Pune, in a storage system project called Panasas. I am lucky to have an experience in both the top systems companies in Pune. I spent my summer of 2006 interning with Red Hat, Inc. in Boston, MA, in their file systems group working on NFS.

Right now I'm with VMware in the Palo Alto office in their vmware-tools guest OS division since 2007. Working mostly on file systems.

Feel free to explore the site and drop me some comments and suggestions at amitgud (**) gmail (**) com. Here is my GNU PGP public key. I have an online diary (blog) here, and try to write it as often as possible.



A list of projects I was / is involved in:

Chunk FS: chunkfs is about reducing the file system checking time or the fsck time. This is done by dividing the whole file system into small chunks, which are a complete file systems in themselves. The problem of having a file with size greater than the chunk size and of the cross-chunk linking has been addressed so as to eliminate the inter-chunk dependency and thus fsck need only check a subset of chunks when file system is corrupted. More about this is in this paper published at USENIX HotDep 2006. This is an ongoing project and will serve as my Masters thesis.

Initial implementation is in FUSE laid on top of ext2. The git repositories are hosted here:
Also, recent snapshot of my kernel implementation of chunkfs posted on LKML is available in the patches directory.

Adaptive Search Technique in Unstructured Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Network: This puts forth an algorithm to scalably search in a Gnutella-like network. In such networks, a node knows a subset of other nodes around it, called neigbors. An object can be searched by querying one neighbor at a time, which in turn queries a single neighbor, or all neighbors at a time, which all in turn query all their neighbors. These extremes either take up lot of time or lot of messages. An intermediate is k nodes at a time. But selecting value of k is crucial and largely depends on the size of the networks. Such technique can easily under-perform on a network in lot of churning. In this project, we suggest an algorithm which vaies k according to the network size depending on the heuristics of previous searches. More in this paper published in PDPTA 2006.

Library for file-as-a-directory support in VFS (libfad): Many file systems (ReiserFS4) are trying to add in file as a directory support, for it enhances user navigation through the directory hierarchy. Instead of doing this for every FS, libfad puts forth a generic framework in Virtual File System (VFS) of Linux which can be used to extend the file-as-a-directory support to any file in the system, irrespective of the underlying file system. Using libfad it is possible to write 'plugins' which understands the semantics of the file and arranges the file contents into a directory hierarchy. The project has not been completed and is in its late design stages. A very brief overview document will be made available soon. Seems I misplaced the draft I wrote for the project a while back :(

Elastic Quota File System (eqfs): This project aims to maximize the user space utilization on the server. I did this project during last year of my graduations. It was then implemented in Linux kernel 2.4, right now I'm in the process of redesigning and implement it fully in the Linux kernel 2.6 kernel-space. This project will be made available here for download soon. The preliminary documentation is available as doc | pdf | ps | txt. There was an extensive discussion about eqfs on Linux Kernel Mailing List (lkml). Transcripts of the discussion can be found here.

Remotely Controlling Device: This project was undertaken during my third year of engineering along with 4 other members of the team. This project aimed at controlling household electronic devices via four means - landline phone, Short Message Service (SMS), web interface and via a custom hardware with wireless communication capability using Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver. This hobby project won 3rd prize at IIT Techfest Project Competition in 2003.

Embedded Web Server: This project was undertaken for Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) during my final year of engineering. This project aimed at building an embedded device which is capable of handling UDP / IP packets. The device's main objective was to transmit the sensor data from the field to a central server encapsulated in the UDP / IP packets. The project report can be downloaded as doc (zipped) and pdf.


Hire Me

Technical resume (kinda outdated, for latest email me) can be found here: txt | pdf | ps.
My writer's profile can be found here: pdf | ps.



I started writing when I was in school. I wrote for school magazines while I was in S. S. P. M. Day School, Pune and later in college magazine in Modern College, Pune. While in Modern College something struck my head and suddenly I wanted to write in newspapers. Those daring days got me published in Mid-Day and The Indian Express. I did just a single assignment for each of these dailies. The assignment in Mid-Day was about an NGO program in a near-by village and the Indian Express article was on Child Relief and You (CRY). It can be read here. With these stories I was exposed to social work.

After the college there was lot of time to be killed until the engineering admission process was over. This was the time when I started writing on the web. I started as an Editor at Briefme writing website reviews. It was a real fun writing reviews and with deadlines every Wednesday. Some of my (kinda poorly written) reviews are still online, but can't say about the websites I reviewed are still online ;) I was very proud to receive $5 for each review that was accepted.

After that start, I wrote numerous articles for e-zines, print magazines and community newspapers. Subjects were as varied as reporting introduction of eco-taxis in Kathmandu to researching 3rd Brown Bess Musket used by Indian soldiers during the English rule. Publications include (now trashed), Vision Magazine,, The Publishers' Auxiliary, Mini World (now trashed), English Zone, Muzzle Blasts and other articles sold to middle-men, don't know where they got published!

After about 3 months I started writing for Card Technology as Contributing Editor for India. This was the time when I came across the technology called Smart Card. I have had great experience so far writing for this magazine and working with a renowned personality in the smart card business Mr. Donald Davis, Editor-in-chief and associate publisher of Card Technology. Working for this magazine I got opportunity to participate in the European editors' visit to northeastern states of India during the first year of my engineering college. This tour, sponsored by a German company ORGA Kartensystems, was meant to visit various smart card related projects in India and to meet some Indian government officials. In this trip I got opportunity to meet Mr. Keshubhai Patel - the then Chief Minister of Gujrat, Mr. Arun Jaitley, and other ministers in Delhi and Ahmedabad. It was also a great opportunity for me to interact with various international writers and editors. It was overall a very good experience to not only learn about smart cards but also to see some good use of technology. It was particularly interesting to see how illiterate women of Gujrat used smart card technology to get paid for the milk they sell to the local dairy.

Writing about smart cards increased my knowledge about the technology and market. It helped me complete a 171-page research report entitled "Smart Card Markets & Technologies Worldwide." This report, published by CT, USA-based BCC Inc., is a technology and market research about smart cards at a global level. Here is the publicly available summary of this report. Here is the press release from BCC and more information about the report can be obtained here.

I wish to continue my hobby of writing no matter how engaged I become in my life. Here is my writer's profile: txt | pdf | ps.

* Gud, A. Smart Card Technologies & Markets Worldwide 171-page Analyst Report published by Business Communication Inc., CT, USA

* Gud, A., Andresen, D., Mizuno, M. A Scalable Search Algorithm in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks. The 2006 International Conference on Parallel & Distributed Processing Techniques & Applications (PDPTA'06) (pdf | ps)

* Val Henson, Arjan van de Ven, Amit Gud. Chunkfs: Using divide-and-conquer to improve file system reliability and repair. The Second Usenix Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability (HotDep'06) (pdf | ps)



Few talks that I gave:

Chunkfs: Implementation and Results Ottawa Linux Symposium 2007 - OLS 2007 BoFS

Crytographic File System using Smart Cards (pdf | pdf.gz): Sept. 2003. Seminar as a part of BE course. Explains what is Cryptographic File System, key management techniques and use of smart cards as a security measure.

Elastic Quota File System (pdf | pdf.gz): 2003-2004. At various project exhibitions in and around Pune. Elaborates the system in detail.

Smart Card Technologies and Market Worldwide (pdf | pdf.gz): Aug. 2003. Presentation on my technical report publiashed by BCC Inc.

Linux O(1) CPU Scheduler Internals (pdf | pdf.gz): May 2005. Tech Talks, VERITAS Software. Explains in detail the O(1) CPU Scheduler algorithm along with its implementation in 2.6 Linux Kernels.



mail-patch: A stripped down version of Andrew Morton's mailbomb scripts. Used to mail patch to the maintainers / mailing lists.

gitget: Script to check-out latest Linux Kernel out of the git development tree. Script to check-out Linux Kernel source out of the bitkeeper tree. (Obsolete: Bitkeeper is no more used for Lilnux Kernel development.)




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