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CIS 890: Advanced Computer Security


  • April 28th: Added the promised paper to last class schedule. If you find the topic interesting, let me know. I have many more references on the topic.
  • April 25th: Because of the technical talk by Dr. Ian Goldberg, office hours on Tuesday May 3rd are cancelled. I would encourage everyone to attend the technical talk (at 3:00pm), as well as the Distinguished Lecture on Monday, May 2nd at 1:00pm.
  • April 14th: Due to an unforeseen conflict, office hours on Tuesday the 19th will be 4 – 5 instead of 3 – 4. Sorry for the inconvenience. As usual, if you would like to meet but can't make it to office hours, please email. Thanks.
  • April 8th: No office hours on Tuesday April 12th – I'll be out of town. Sorry for the late notice. Office hours will be held as scheduled on Thursday. If you can't make Thursday but would like to meet, please email me and we can set up a time. Thanks.
  • March 11th: Next week's class (March 17th) is cancelled so you can attend Somesh Jha's seminar talk at 4:00pm. Please watch the schedule for other changes, which I've already announced in class.
  • March 11th: I've posted some of the material I mentioned in class in the Cool stuff section.
  • March 9th: Please note that along with the Anderson chapter there is now an additional assigned paper for next week. Thanks.
  • March 2nd: No office hours or class on Thursday, March 3rd. I'm still out sick. Please keep to the schedule for next week and read Chapter 6 from Anderson, as well as the additional assigned paper listed on the schedule.
  • February 28th: No office hours on Tuesday March 1st. I'm out sick.
  • February 23rd: Please notice the change in reading assignment for next week (the week after the exam). The Anderson chapter has been pushed back by a week, and instead there are two papers. It should be fairly easy, but enlightening, reading.
  • February 15th: No office hours today. I'm out sick. Sorry for the late notice. Thanks!
  • January 31st: Please notice the schedule change: our exam will be on the 24th, not on the 17th. This is one week later than scheduled. Additionally, there will be no class meeting on the 10th.
  • January 27th: I couldn't find the link to which I referred in class, but check out this site: http://research.cyber.ee/~lipmaa/crypto/ for a lot of cool info.
  • January 27th: My office hours will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 3 to 4.
  • January 27th: Future class sessions will meet on Thursdays in the Nichols Library from 4 to 6. See you there!
  • January 17th: First day of class, welcome! Please see the syllabus page for a class overview and a few other goodies.