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CIS 890: Secure Networks and Distributed Systems


  • December 6th: Since I'm out of town on 15th, office hours on the 13th have been extended. Come by if you have questions about your final projects or reports. Remember, final project reports are due on December 17th before 5:00pm, either electronically or in my mailbox.
  • October 20th: Please note changes to schedule: no class and no office hours on November 1st and November 3rd. Your project progress reports are still due on November 3rd.
  • October 11th: The sensor network paper I mentioned is: Parno, Luk, Gaustad, and Perrig — Secure sensor network routing: a clean-slate approach.
  • September 23rd: Please note that there will be no office hours on October 4th, October 6th, or October 13th. As always, I will be in my office as much as time allows, so please feel free to stop by at other times, or email for an appointment. However, I will not be available at all on the week of October 4th (4th through the 8th). Thanks!
  • September 19th: Since there are so many more papers than student presenters, I've decided to allow more than two presentations per student per semester. This is not required, and the two better scores out of the three presentations will be part of your final grade. This is mostly a chance for you to practice your presentation skills, which are very, very valuable — trust me! You can find resources on how to construct and give better technical talks on the external resources page. And of course you can always see me during office hours to discuss content and organization. I'd be happy to look at slides before a presentation and comment, if you wish.
  • September 14th: There's an additional paper assigned for Monday. Please check the schedule. Thanks!
  • September 12th: Note that only the first 17 pages of the link to the "Vanish" paper (for Wednesday) are required. Still no presenter, please sign up!
  • September 9th: The schedule has been updated to reflect cancelled class sessions the week of October 4th. Two Friday classes have been added: October 1st and 15th. Note that even though we have no class, your second revision project proposals are still due (electronically) on October 4th.
  • September 9th: I apologize for the confusion about the presentation grade. It's worth 30 points in the class, but I scored it from 0–5 on the evaluation sheet. The 0–5 score will be recomputed to be out of 30. Please do not worry — no one got 5 out of 30!
  • September 8th: And just as we were talking about Single SignOn, Google announced they will support OpenID logins by Yahoo users.
  • August 30th: The due date for project proposals has been moved up. (Not because I'm mean, but because you're all doing well.) Please check the schedule.
  • August 27th: An almost complete paper schedule is up. My apologies for the delay.
  • August 26th: The evaluation sheet for student paper presentations is here. I will fill one out for every presenter. I would like to ask that other students anonymously fill it out for each presenter as well, so that everyone can get as much feedback as possible to improve their public speaking skills. Remember, being hired and/or promoted depends not only on the quality of work you do, but also how you present it to others.
  • August 26th: Some more presentation and paper-reading resources have been added to the external resources page.
  • August 24th: Just in case you're curious, the background knowledge questionnaire is online here. Most people wanted a cookie.
  • August 24th: Some more papers have been added to the schedule, to be presented Monday of next week. Please sign up to present and get a bravery bonus. Presentations should be between 20 and 40 minutes. If there is more than one presenter (I'll let you know), please keep your presentations between 20 and 30 minutes. Thank you!
  • August 24th: The final sign-up date for papers has been extended since they are not all on the schedule yet.
  • August 24th: The "cool stuff" page actually has a small amount of content now. If you have something specific that you think is cool and would like to see listed there, please email me.
  • August 23rd: Please note that two paper reviews are due on Wednesday, August 25th. See schedule for paper list.
  • August 23rd: First day of class, welcome! Please see the syllabus page for a class overview and a few other goodies.