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CIS 755: Advanced Computer and Information Security


  • April 10th Some office hours weirdness in the coming weeks: there will be no office hours on Monday, April 13 (but April 16 will be held as scheduled), and then there will be no office hours on April 20 or April 23. Note that class will still be held as scheduled on April 23. Please email me if you need to meet. Thanks!
  • March 3rd Some very interesting news about new vulnerabilities in several SSL implementations. If you prefer to read the paper directly, here's the link to the paper PDF.
  • March 2nd I had a minor dental emergency occur over the weekend, and the only time a dentist can see me is during office hours today. So, they will be shortened. The appointment is at 3, and I'm not certain when I'll be back, but I should be in my office for the last part of office hours (unless something goes seriously wrong). Thanks for understanding. Please email me if you need extra time to talk.
  • February 16th The schedule has been updated.
  • February 16th A mistake in the schedule has been corrected.
  • February 16th Office hours today will be slightly eclectic – I need to attend a student presentation which partially conflicts with office hours. I should be in my office for a majority of the scheduled time, but I may pop in and out for a few minutes at a time. Please email if you want to be sure to catch me. Thanks.
  • February 4th Office hours this Thursday will be shortened: they will be 2:30 - 3:30 rather than until 4. This is due to a meeting not under my control. Please email me if you need to meet. Thanks! Note that there will be a quiz on Thursday.
  • January 26th Office hours this Thursday will likely be slightly delayed, starting at 3 rather than 2:30. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • January 23rd The schedule has been updated to reflect that we meet only once per week.
  • January 20th This class will be held entirely by teleconference. You should have already gotten an email with connection information. If not, please let me know ASAP. Class time will be every Thursday, at 5:30 PM. I will be updating the schedule to reflect this, so it may be in flux for a few days. Please start the reading for this week. Talk to you all on Thursday the 22nd.
  • January 1st Web page posted. See the syllabus page for a class overview and a few other goodies.