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CIS 755: Advanced Computer and Information Security


  • May 7th: Remember, no class on Thursday May 9th. The final exam will be on Monday, May 13th at 2PM, in our usual room. Here's the study guide (PDF). Standard caveats apply – non-completeness, etc. as directed. Not to be taken internally.
  • April 24th: Office hours this Friday will start slightly later than usual – around 11 or so, due to a last-minute conflict. Sorry about that.
  • April 23rd: As agreed, the quiz on practical applications has been rescheduled for next week. Week after next there will be a quiz on usability.
  • April 22nd: Sorry for the late notice, but no office hours today. I'm not feeling too well, and will work from home. As usual, please email if you'd like to meet. Thanks!
  • April 16th: Another day, another schedule change. Please notice that our last week of class has been slightly compressed. We will wrap up and review on May 7th, and there won't be a class on May 9th, and no office hours on May 10th. Quiz and final exam schedules are unchanged.
  • April 11th: Sorry for the late notice, but no office hours tomorrow, April 12th. There will be office hours again on Monday, April 15th. Thanks!
  • April 5th: Remember, no class on April 9th or April 11th. Exam II is on April 16th. Here's the study guide (PDF). Remember, I don't make any claims of completeness. Use as directed. Not to be taken internally.
  • March 25th: Hope everyone had a good spring break. Mind the snow on the ground. To welcome you back, remember that we have a quiz on Tuesday. :)
  • February 27th: The "list of important concepts" for exam I which I promised you is available (PDF). Remember, I didn't promise that it would be complete!
  • February 20th: The University will be closed on Thursday February 21st due to winter weather. We won't have a guest speaker, and the quiz will be on Tuesday, February 26th. Be sure to do the reading for next week. Stay safe and warm!
  • February 12th: Next week's schedule has been updated, with the lecture and reading assignments for Thursday (and there's a quiz). I'm gone, so no Monday office hours and no Tuesday class. Thanks!
  • February 4th: Check out this awesome new timing attack on SSL/TLS: Nice write-up and historical background, and paper.
  • January 29th: No assignment was promoted from next week to this week. Just look at the Flash animation. After Chapter 5, you all deserve a rest. :)
  • January 28th: Room change announcement: Starting Tuesday, January 28th, class will be in the conference room (Nichols 236). See you all there!
  • January 28th: My office hours will be: Mondays 4PM – 5:30PM and Fridays 10:30AM – 12:00PM, or by appointment.
  • January 22nd: First day of class. Welcome!
  • November 30th: Web page posted. See the syllabus page for a class overview and a few other goodies.