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CIS 525: Telecommunications and Data Communications Systems


  • October 3: There's something going around the University, and it looks like I caught it. So, no class today, Friday October 3rd. Remember, you still have a homework assignment due before 1:30 pm. Please email me or Yang with any questions you have. Sorry everyone.
    By the way, Homework 3 and Programming Assignment B have been posted.
  • September 16: A very nice article on shell "pipeline" workflows can now be found on the resources page.
  • September 15: It seems I'm not entirely over whatever virus I had last week after all. So, we won't have class or office hours on Monday, September 15th. Please email me or Yang with any questions you have. My apologies.
  • September 12: A draft schedule with book chapters, homework, and programming assignments has been posted – see schedule.
  • August 12: Hi all, just wanted to remind you that first day of class is Monday (August 25th). Please attend the first lecture – if there's a waiting list you will lose your spot if you don't come the first day. Also, I know paper is out of style, but just this once, print out and bring a copy of the syllabus with you to Monday's class. Thanks!
  • August 12: Welcome! We will use mainly this page for announcements, schedule changes, etc. (so check this page often!). Assignments will be announced here, but your Organizer in K-State Online is your primary source for assignments and grades. Please see the syllabus page for a class overview and a few other goodies.
  • August 12: Web page posted.