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CIS 525: Telecommunications and Data Communications Systems


  • December 2: I forgot to announce that we'll have a short quiz on Friday. I'll drop your lowest quiz grade, so only 3 will be counted out of 4.
  • November 13: Some clarification on the homework. First of all, it's homework 4, but the header says homework 5. Sorry about that!
    Second, do not use Hamming codes for any question other than question #1. I'm sorry that I gave some of you conflicting information. Thanks to everyone who helped me catch this oversight.
  • November 1: Programming Assignment B is now due on Monday, November 4th.
  • October 21: Apologies for the late notice, but I'm not feeling well, so there won't be a class today (Monday October 21st). Thanks.
  • October 7: Due to a last-minute scheduling conflict, there is no class or office hours on Friday, October 11th. Sorry for the inconvenience. As always, please email me if you would like to meet.
  • September 26: Please note a correction for Homework 2: use linux.cis.ksu.edu for question 3 instead of viper.cis.ksu.edu. Apologies for the confusion.
  • September 26: Hopefully you all already heard, but we will have class in Nichols 126 on Friday, October 30th. This is a temporary change, and we will be back in Nichols 236 on Monday. Thanks!
  • September 25: Midterm I will be on Friday, October 4th. We will have an in-class review on Wednesday before the exam. Note that Programming Assignment A is also due on October 4th (by class time).
  • September 24: I've made minor corrections to Programming Assignment A to correctly refer to the net* examples. Please check that you're using the right ones – UDP vs. TCP.
  • September ??:Some extra Hamming Code references have been added to the external resources page and today's lecture slides. The slides are in fact correct, but some extra explanation is now included as well.
  • September 2: Happy Labor Day everyone! Remember to SSH to the on-campus computers – see http://support.cis.ksu.edu/UserGuide/Facilities for instructions. Look at "man" pages for system calls and commands you want to learn. Use "man -a" to get all "versions" of the command, such as the C programming version and the shell "built-in" version. Remember to look up the commands on the department Linux machines, since these are the ones we will use to grade.
  • August 29: A draft schedule with book chapters, homework, and programming assignments has been posted – see schedule.
  • August 28: The book is indeed available online from the campus network. Here's the URL: http://proquestcombo.safaribooksonline.com/book/networking/9780123850591/firstchapter
    More details have been added to the syllabus. An error (sotra) bounty will be issued for this excellent discovery. Thanks!
  • August 22: Hi all, just wanted to remind you that first day of class is Monday (August 26th). Notice the room change: we will meet in Nichols 236. Please attend the first lecture – if there's a waiting list you will lose your spot if you don't come the first day. Also, I know paper is out of style, but just this once, print out and bring a copy of the syllabus with you to Monday's class. Thanks!
  • August 13: Welcome! We will use mainly this page for announcements, schedule changes, etc. (so check this page often!). Assignments will be announced here, but your Organizer in K-State Online is your primary source for assignments and grades. Please see the syllabus page for a class overview and a few other goodies.
  • June 10: Web page posted.