Chendi Cao

About Me

I am a PhD student at Computer Science, Kansas State University. I work on the Dam Safety project under Cyber-Physical Systems lab (CPS) . My advisor is Mitchell L. Neilsen. Proir to my study as a computer science PhD student, I completed my master of science degree in statistics. I worked with Weixing Song at Statistics, Kansas State University.



Paper accepted by the The 2020 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence.(CSCI).


Software engineer internship at ANSYS, Inc .
Continuous Integration Tool: Designed and developed a moderator project to monitor the status change of existing Jenkins-based automation server, MongoDB database, and Microsoft TFS.


Paper accepted by the proceeding of 31st International Conference On Computer Applications In Industry And Engineering .(CAINE18).


Artificial intelligence analyst internship at CASCO . This is mini project during my internship in CASCO Shanghai, China, Summer 2018. This project is implemented and modified based on the python anomaly detection tooklit pyod. I created a new model called cascoKNN to process CASCO subway operational indicator data.


PhenoApps hackathon at Cornell University. This is a week-long event that includes an overview of the scale and scope of plant breeding programs in Mexico and Nigeria, identifying current phenotypic and data management limitations within these programs, and a significant amount of time dedicated to working in small groups to develop creative solutions to these limitations.


Cooperated with USDA and mainly focus on USDA Dam Safety projects. We are developing Dam Safety software with USDA. For example WinDAM C, BREACH, WinPond, Dakota. The paper published in the proceeding of 15th International Conference on Scientific Computing.(CSC17).


My master thesis. Research area: Measurement Error Models, Lack-of-Fit Tests, Bioassay, Nonparametric Smoothing, High Dimensional Data.


Kansas State University

Graduate Teaching Assistant

1. GTA for CIS450: Computer Architecture and Operations
- Computer systems, Computer architectures, Assembly Language
- C/C++ to x86 assembly interface, Debugging using gdb, Optimizing program performance
2. GTA for CIS505/705: Introduction to Programming Languages
- Help students to write a number of interpreters (and parsers) for various languages such as functional (Standard ML) and logical(Prolog), as well as a quite eclectic language (Racket).

Kansas State University

Graduate Research Assistant

1. Developing new user interface for Dakota and WinDAM modular
2. WinDAM is used to analyze overtopping and erosion of embankment dams
3. Dakota is a framework for design exploration and simulation by Sandia National Laboratories
4. Using Jzy3D scientific 3d plotting, java swing in Eclipse to demonstrate scatter and surface plot inc

Software Engineer Internship

1. Provided technical support to customers for the Napos and Walle software systems
2. Utilized EUCITA’s View Scope system to evaluate online comments statistics


Kansas State University

Aug 2016 - present

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Kansas State University

Aug 2013 - May 2016

Master of Science in Statistics

Kansas State University

Aug 2010 - May 2013

Bachelor of Science in Statistics


Google App Android Store Database Project

This is a database project for my class. It's a user friendly web-based application which was implemented by PHP as front end and metadata stored in MySQL , MongoDB database as back end.
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Deep Q Learning Game AI

We use Deep Q learning to apply on different games to see how it performs. This is the project for my AI class. We use Python and Tensorflow to implement all these game AI. Demo video:

OpenFOAM Dam Safety Simulation

This is a Dam Safety project for my PhD research. For this project, I mainly used OpenFOAM and WinDAM model to do the simulation analysis.
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