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Welcome to Arul’s Domain

I am Arul John, a Computer Science graduate from the University of Illinois at Springfield. If you are wondering why my site is at KSU, I was in Kansas State University earlier. My site was coded using Emacs and has a lot of Perl and some PHP utilities. Yes, I love Perl and am a member of various Perl groups like Perl Mongers.

My domain is divided into many sections. If you are just bored, curious, or need technical information, check my main website aruljohn.com I have several network utilities that can let you track IP addresses, track phone numbers, find the weather forecast for a ZIP code, hear how a word is pronounced, find your own computer, browser and ISP details, etc. I also have recipes and lyrics. I update kewl stuff section often, so you can return to see if I have any updates.

If you need technical information or freely downloadable programs (source code), go to the technical section in kewl stuff.

All these programs were coded by me long ago, so don't fret if they don't work properly now!

Oh, and I almost forgot my PDF file creator - input the contents of any file and it creates a PDF for you, 2 pages in 1

If you are an employer, please look at my resume and let me know if you are interested in hiring me.

Thank you for visiting my domain....

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